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26 Dec

Happy Holidays to EVERYONE! I hope everyone enjoys the holidays as much as me and my peoples! Here is a quick recap:

This is how i celebrate…BY MYSELF! (jokes, my parents+brother was there)…..

The “HighLife” Party hosted by “THE GOODLIFE” myself+Richie Mcfly ( helped generate $800 for brand new toys donated to the underprivileged children in Vancouver! Here is a pic from the Toy Drive we helped contribute towards.

The best gifts i have ever received….EVER! HAHAHAH Merry Christmas!


A salute From HK!

26 Dec

Woke up this mourning, went for a run. I shared the jungle gym with the old folks PE class. They made me look like Lebron James. What an experience!

Its gonna be a party yall…….

10 Dec

Are you ready for me?

2 Dec

How about Ji…?

Guest star role in “Shattered”


Episode 7!

2 Dec

We are half way through the season and people are LOVING IT!

Tune in to see what everyone is raving about!

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